Monday, January 9, 2012

Sukoshicon Damage Report: 1/6 - 1/8

Had a great time at Sukoshicon DESTINation in Destin, FL this past weekend! Met a lot of Bronies and much FRAGing is Magic was played! Everyone seemed to enjoy it, too. Hooray! Also, before Sukoshicon, we had a game night at Bobe's Hobby House in Pensacola, FL. Bunch of Bronies came out to check it out. Good times were had!

I didn't keep track of all the frags and stats since it was a very laid back event, but I did take some notes. Here's a couple highlights, as well as some observations and adjustments I plan on making.

During one particular game, Pinkie Pie successfully pulled off her "Where did you get that, Pinkie?" ability. Her roll resulted in drawing a weapon, and that weapon happened to be the portable nuke. She immediately threw it at Rainbow Dash, scoring a frag. So just picture this... Pinkie Pie reaches into portal space, pulls out a nuke, and lobs it onto Rainbow Dash. Hilarity.

In another game, Apple Jack acquired a chainsaw and was running around doing serious damage. We managed to kill her, but the player had the game hack "Keep the stuff," so she didn't drop the chainsaw. When she respawned, I immediately played the "No Carrier" game hack, causing Apple Jack to immediately die, dropping the chain saw. Unfortunately, I didn't think to wait until after she had walked off the respawn point. On Apple Jack's next turn, she respawned... in the exact same place, picking up the chainsaw...

Fluttershy's "Fight or Flight" ability suggests that she can boost her speed at any time. That means that if Fluttershy isn't expecting to make any attacks, she can simply boost her speed to get around quicker. I've changed it so that she can only use "Fight or Flight" if Fluttershy has only 1 Health point left, thus being in immediate danger and therefore the need to "fight or flight."

Considering changing Apple Jack's stats. There is concern that she's too fast and able to overtake enemies too quickly (especially when unencumbered.) So, I am thinking about doing this:
Health: 4
Speed: 2
Accuracy: 1

This does make her stronger, but it also means she won't be catching up to people as easily. Keep in mind that when she takes damage, the damage she deals will also decrease. However, I may change it from "Health + 1" to simply "equal to Health." Chainsaws would add an additional "Health + 1" to the attack, but I kinda underestimated how many chainsaws are in the deck. I may cap out her attack with the chainsaw at 7d.

Rainbow Dash got a little crazy when she Sonic Rainboomed, scoring a frag, THEN made TWO attacks to score another frag all in one turn. Might nerf the Super Speed ability so that if Rainbow Dash uses it, she doesn't get to make the second attack she gets from Quick Reflexes.

I still don't know what to do about Twilight Sparkle, but I really need to replace "Focus" with something else. Trying to figure out how to make her telekinesis play into her abilities....

Future Events:
The gaming group I hang out with at UWF on Thursday night's is kicking up again. Between that and the monthly Friday night game night at Bobe's Hobby House, we should be playing a LOT more FRAGing is Magic and should have all this fleshed out soon! Stay tuned!

Have some pictures!

Apple Jack, by Lady Kyra!

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