Monday, January 23, 2012

Custom Team Rules for 2 - 3 Players

There have been several times that I have played the game with only a few players. Since playing with all six ponies is better than two or three, I came up with these rules to make the game more interesting. Ideal for  games with only 2 - 3 players.

- Players roll a die. Highest roll gets to pick a pony first. Players will take turns picking a pony one at a time until all ponies have been picked. (So for a two player game, each player should have three ponies, while a three player game each player will have two ponies)

- Players will arrange their character sheets in the order they wish their ponies to take their turns, from left to right.

- Each pony will have their own hand of 5 cards. Keep these hands seperate from eachother, as if they had their own individual players. Cards from one ponys's hand cannot be played on another pony unless the card says otherwise.

- Begin play with the player who picked their pony last. He begins with the pony he placed at the start of his turn order. After he has moved this pony, play moves to the next player. Once everyone has had a turn, play then goes to the next pony in the player's turn order.

- Items may be exchanged between ponies, but only items that are currently on the table. Pony must move to an adjacent space in order to trade. When trading weapons, the ammo carries over.

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