About this project

Being a table top gamer and Brony, I decided that I wanted to make custom game mods so that I could use my ponies in my games.

I chose Steve Jackon Game's Frag because the system is really easy to work with. It's fast paced and light on rules. By adhering to the simple game mechanics we can easily create custom abilities for each individual pony.

This blog is here to help bring the Brony community together in developing this game mod. We'll keep everyone updated as new things are added to the game or changes are made. Any feedback or ideas are greatly appreciated.

The rule set is being built in a Google doc, so anyone can view it and leave comments directly on the document. I strongly encourage people to offer suggestions and point out balance issues.

Feel free to play test it at anytime, and tell us how your game went!

On top of looking for feedback on rules and character abilities, I would LOVE to include some original fan art in this project to use on character sheets and anything else!

Frag is a trademark of Steve Jackson Games, and its rules and art are copyrighted by Steve Jackson Games . All rights are reserved by Steve Jackson Games. 
This game mod is the original creation of Kelly Ryan and is released for free distribution, and not for resale, under the permissions granted in the  Steve Jackson Games Online Policy.
Original game design by Philip Reed.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro.
Steve Jackson Games, Philip Reed, and Hasbro are not affiliated with this project.

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