Monday, October 28, 2013

Aw, ponyfeathers...

Holy bucking Tartarus, it's been over a year since any of us updated this blog! It isn't that we've ceased working on this project or that (speaking for myself, at least) interest in continuing has been lost. It's more that the vast majority of our discussions and build modifications occur on our Facebook group page and never find their way here. Believe me when I say I'm really sorry about that! Hopefully I'll remember to post all the crazy shenanigans over on this outlet, too!

Anyway, just like the last time an update was posted here, we did run FRAG at FAN:dom 2013, though the layout of this year's con made finding space to play far more difficult than last year. Regardless, games were played, characters were tested, and modifications were made. I won't be covering the "finished" builds that were played, as they've already gotten a lot of playtesting and I was only really paying attention to the builds that showed necessary modification. More to follow after the break.