Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Finally acquired the Frag expansion, FTW. New ability for Apple Jack!

Here it is, Frag FTW. It has two new maps, exploding barrels, lava, water, door switches, and a few cool new rules. In fact, I feel like an idiot for not realizing that the rules for FTW were also online in .pdf format until just now...
Official Frag FTW Rules

One thing I am really happy about is that it includes tokens for keeping track of health. Hooray!

FTW comes with rules for "knock back" damage, which is something that applies to weapons dealing 6d damage. I am going to apply this idea to Apple Jack and give her an ability called "Bull Rush."
- Apple Jack may charge into an opponent, but her movement will end there.
- Spaces opponent is pushed back is equal to number of spaces Apple Jack moved in a straight line prior to striking target, divided by 2 (rounded down)
- Opponent gets pushed back that many spaces.
- Apply damage according to Knock Back rules.

Example: Apple Jack rolls a movement of 11. She moves 4 spaces, turns, then charges into Twilight Sparkle, hitting her on the 5th space. Twilight Sparkle gets pushed back a total of 2 spaces. Apple Jack's movement ends despite having 2 movement points left.

Of course, had I been smart enough to look up rules for FTW already, I would have known this before. However, I assumed that FTW would only contain rules for new features like lava, door switches, and exploding barrels. Oh well....

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