Friday, January 27, 2012

Playtest Damage Report: 1/26

Met up with a couple other bronies for a round last night. A lot of good data was collected, and we've responded accordingly by making some changes. Here's how it all went down!

The Ponies (listed in turn order) -
Aaron as Rainbow Dash
Kelly as Twilight Sparkle
Johnathan as Rarity

(Yes, I realize that I had just posted rules for 2-3 player team games, but I didn't feel like playing with them last night.)

Rainbow Dash - 3 Frags
Rainbow Dash had a really good run. She used her speed to catch up to enemies so she was constantly on the offensive, and managed to pick up a nice cache of med packs (and blood splats) to keep herself alive when under attack. Unfortunately, a Sonic Rainboom never occured.

During play, there was some confusion about the defense bonus she was getting from Quick Reflexes (+2d6 to Health checks, nullifies bonus damage caused by certain weapons) and we realized that it actually didn't make much sense. So, some changes were made there, which I will note later when I talk about other adjustments that have been made.

Twilight Sparkle - 1 Frag
Well, things are shaping up for Twilight Sparkle. On the second turn she used an Adrenaline Surge card to boost her Health, which we agreed applied to her Telekinesis ability. That gave her 5 dice to roll instead of only 2, and she ended up throwing Rainbow Dash 7 spaces, straight into a wall, scoring the first frag in the game.

After that, Twilight became the frag dummy for Rainbow Dash and Rarity and she didn't accomplish much else. I, however, am pretty proud of that first play.

Rarity - 3 Frags
Rarity didn't get around very quickly, but she stayed alive and got some kills. Her +1 to item picks up made sure she stayed well stocked on items and her armor bonus ensured she survived a number of attacks.

Adjustments - Here are the adjustments that were made to various characters over the past couple of days. A lot of it was just changes to language, while characters like Rainbow Dash saw a lot of adjustments.

Rainbow Dash:
Health was changed from 1 to 2.
Accuracy was changed from 2 to 1.
Quick Reflexes was changed to Quick Trigger, so that Rainbow Dash can keep her bonus attack.
Super Speed was changed to accomodate the stat change, meaning that Rainbow Dash can still get her +1 to Speed, but her Accuracy rolls will be reduced by half (rounded up) and she won't get her bonus attack.
Sonic Rainboom's range was increased from 10 to 12 spaces.

The ability with the really long name was change to the much shorter Um, I'm a tree... *squeek*

Removed Rarity's Who's Whining?! ability (chance to decrease attack rolls by half), and made Armored its own ability. Rarity keeps her +2 to Health checks, but is also considered "armored" at all times, and bonus damage cause by certain weapons is nullified.

Pinkie Pie:
Changed the wording of Just a Hop Skip and a Jump to something that is simpler and makes more sense...
Pinkie may jump without taking movement pensalties

Pegasus Ponies:
With the new maps, I decided that some changes needed to be made to how the pegasi worked...
Pegasi are considered grounded when picking up weapons or being knocked back.

Earth Ponies:
Finally decided on a unique ability!
Player may have an extra card in his hand.
It aint much, but it does help a lot!

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