Monday, May 21, 2012

Newcomer: Queen Chrysalis

She still needs some balancing, I think. protip: don't fly over lava when a player has a portable nuke or Grenade. This for Boss battles mode, so she can't pick up equipment or weapons.

We are still working on the basic rules for boss battles, things got wacky last time when we pulled some cheat cards that make no sense for boss's. (no carrier on the boss anyone?)

Queen Chrysalis:
Frag Limit:5(?)
Alicorn (Pegasus flight)
Health: 4
Speed: 2
Accuracy: 3

Shapeshift: Keeps her stats but becomes any pony within 10 squares, gains all of their abilities.

Reinforce: Can sacrifice movement for turn (must be done before rolling) Calls upon changelings for aid (no more than 4 changelings may be in play at once). (Keep this ability while shifted) Killing a changeling does not count as a Frag, changelings share a turn with Chrysalis

Feed the hoard: changelings within 1 space gain +1 to health and accuracy for this turn, however they must end their turn within 1 space of Chrysalis or die instantly upon their next turn (lose this ability when shifted)

Chrysalis standard weapon:
5D6 Laser

Health: 1
speed: 0 (uses chrysalis movement, so roll well!)
Accuracy: 1

operates off of Chrysalis's movement, no bonuses to movement are taken into account

Pseudo-armor: Gets +2 to health rolls, considered unarmored for all other purposes besides defense

Changeling Standard weapon:
2d6 melee attack (no health bonus)

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