Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Rule Variation

From the time I started my weekly FRAG matches until the week before Freecon, I unknowingly was not playing by "strict" FRAG rules. Upon realizing this, I changed the rules for my games to follow standard FRAG. Much to my surprise, neither I nor my fellow players enjoyed playing by standard FRAG rules nearly as much. So, I figured I should probably post the rule variation that I tend to enjoy.

During setup, players are not given any weapons, gadgets or specials to start the match. Everything is procure-on-site.
Reasoning: many of the FPS games I've played start every player with the same weapons. (Note: I haven't dedicated much time to a multiplayer FPS since Halo 2.) Thus everybody starts with the same standard pistol.

Special cards do not count against cards in a player's hand.
Reasoning: Cheats are equipped on your gaming rig, not your character. Your character can hold a maximum of 5 weapons or gadgets in reserve, but your gaming rig can hold as many cheats as you can plug in.

When fragged, players lose all cards, both in play and in their hand, save Specials.
Reasoning: In every FPS I've ever played, dying means you respawn with just your standard weapons and no more. Specials (cheats) are on your gaming rig, so they're unaffected by the status of your character; weapons and gadgets are directly tied to your character, and don't respawn with your character.

Please note: these are just the rules I and my other players have had the most fun playing with. These rules aren't required to play FRAGing is Magic. I just figured it might be best for me to disclose what rules I play under. Anyway, hopefully I can get a game together within the next two weeks, so I can start posting more playtest results. Also, I hope to have a Luna build up in the next few days, since I don't have much else to do. Anyway, that's all from me. Good day, and happy FRAGing.

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