Thursday, May 17, 2012

Carnage report on Pensacola Gamenight

Carnage report for pensacola game night:
Ponies:4 changelings and 1 boss
Details after the break:

The special card draw rules are working nicely.
This time chrysalis died due to an error on my part in reading the knockback rules, after a brief skim of the rule I misinterpreted it that the knockback was the sum of all dice cut in half, this knocked chrysalis into the Lava, and throw her back 12 (from a roll of 24) spaces. In reality it should have only have been 4 spaces. The Lava map works BEAUTIFULLY for boss battles with chrysalis, it gives the ponies the chance to exploit EVERY possible game mechanic and quite a few hazards. More discussion will need to be had concerning cards like no carrier and theft for boss modes.

Due to teamwork and discussion chrysalis got no kills whatsoever, each player covered for the others weaknesses and helped each other survive. It turned into a black ops mission more than a First person shooter. After the little incident with the Lava Chrysalis went from 15 HP to 3, only to get a nuke dropped on her by a Pinkie Pie using cheater cheater, after that I let all hell break loose and the group start turning on each other.

Derpy had amassed an arsenal of weapons including the Missile launcher, the shotgun, 2 grenades from the FRAG:PvP expansion (8d), an experimental heavy assault cannon from that same expansion (12D) the backpack, 2 adrenaline surges, and some other stuff that nobody could remember by the end of the game. So, who ended up winning? it was a tie between Applejack and Derpy, 1-1 in 3 turns of mayhem after the boss fell.

Highlights include Derpy doing 12 damage in one attack due to a rule error, Pinkie dropping on a nuke on AJ and chrysalis to atomize chrysalis, and rarity sitting on one side of the board spouting one liners from team fortress 2 with an electromagnetic cannon.


  1. Um... That IS the correct interpretation of the knockback rules. For any attack of 6d6 or more, knockback is half the dice rolled, rounded down. So, in this case, with an attack of 24d6, knockback is 12 spaces.

    Also, by current FRAGing is Magic rules, a character is considered grounded when knocked back. Hence, QC would've taken a 3d6 attack for every square of lava she entered. Once she hit a wall or another pony, she'd take the remaining movement as damage. So, if she moved 5 spaces before hitting a wall, she'd take a 7d6 attack. Lastly, since she's grounded until the end of the attack, if she ended her turn adjacent to lava, she'd take an attack equal to the number of adjacent lava squares.

    Now, here's what I find more confusing: how the hell did you take 12 damage in a single attack sequence? Sure, QC isn't invincible, but with a constant defense of 4, she shouldn't be taking THAT much damage, not even from a 24d6 attack.

  2. No the roll was 8D6, we rolled a 24. knocked her into lava, pushing her back 7 spaces of Lava, and then took a remaining 5D worth of wall damage upon which I rolled an 8 against like 30 or something. We messed up the rule terribly from start to finish, I have re-read it and now know that with an 8d attack I only should been pushed 4 spaces.