Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ushicon (2/3 - 2/5) and other updates!

Oh, hey, Ushicon has pretty much come and gone, hasn't it? It was a lot of fun, but not much to report. Played several rounds of FRAGing is Magic, but I spent a lot of time just teaching people how to play. While feedback was good, it wasn't exactly the best place to get real constructive criticism.

The best thing to happen there was one of the event coordinators used to work for Steve Jackson Games and personally knows Philip Reed, the game designer for Frag! He didn't get a chance to play himself, but he took some pictures and e-mailed them to Philip. Unfortunately, I never heard back from him if Philip has ever responded...

Anyways, it was a fun weekend! Joseph and I have kicked some ideas around this month and here are some changes we've made:

Twilight Sparkle's Telekinesis now only has an Accuracy of 1, so Twilight can't be throwing ponies around who are far away. Also, the attack can only be used one per turn, so Twilight can't slam a pony into a wall, then slam her into the same wall AGAIN. Being as this attack does not require a weapon, that sort of power can get broken fast.

I always figured that Apple Jack's Bull Rush was not going to stay the way it was when we originally created it, but we weren't really sure what to do at the time so we just threw something together. Now, Bull Rush simply knocks a pony back as many spaces as AJ has health, in the direction that AJ was moving.


  1. To answer the question of what Phil thought, here's his blog post on it: http://www.battlegrip.com/?p=36926

  2. Holy crap, that is amazing, thanks!