Monday, February 27, 2012

Philip Reed is aware of this!

The other day I was checking the search engine to see if "Steve Jackson Games Frag Mods" would bring up My Little Pwny: FRAGing is Magic. It did, but I also noticed a thread for "Frag Mods" on the SJ Games forum. So I decided to go ahead and post in there and let them know about this mod. I am assuming that thanks to that post, I got an anonymous tip earlier today that Philip Reed is in fact aware of the mod and mentioned it on his blog.

He called it, and I quote, "disgustingly cute."

Unfortunately, he didn't have the URL for the blog, so I didn't get a proper plug. But, just having the designer of Frag be aware of this game mod...

Read the whole thing here:
Battlegrip: Frag Meets My Little Ponies

UPDATE 2/28:
Last night I tweeted to Philip the blog url and he just tweeted it today.

All I can say is, thanks Philip! You're awesome.

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