Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Big character update!

We recently had another playtest, and a lot of good data was collected. Just made a bunch of little tweaks and changes, as well as a couple big changes! Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Apple Jack, and Pinkie Pie have all had an update! Check out a couple highlights from the game and the updates after the break.

We had a really good game. Lot of good Frag's were scored and the ponies seemed to be pretty well balanced. Twilight Sparkle struggled a bit, but thanks to the update we made maybe it will help her out. There were some exciting clashes, but I think most of the highlights go to Apple Jack in this game.

First of all, Apple Jack survived a portable nuke and a Sonic Rainboom on two separate occasions. It was pretty close, but she managed to survive both with only 1 HP. This was the result of not just a high health stat, but some pretty good dice rolls. In either case, we were all surprised to see Apple Jack walk away from them.

Secondly, Apple Jack completely obliterated Pinkie Pie. She slammed Pinkie Pie into a wall using Bull Rush, then she used an Assault Shotgun to splatter Pinkie Pie all over the same wall. We determined that Pinkie Pie explodes into delicious cotton candy.

So, about those character updates. Let's start with a the big change.

A friend was playing Twilight Sparkle and said that Teleport should work differently, and I agreed but wasn't sure how. She pointed out that under great stress, Twilight Sparkle has been known to teleport all over the place. So, this is what we came up with.

Much like Pinkie Pie's Pinkie Sense, Twilight Sparkle gets a shot at avoiding an attack by rolling a d6 and on 6 (with a +1 per action not taken), gets to teleport up to 6 spaces away. This can be used to teleport safely behind a wall if possible.

Rainbow Dash got tweaked a little bit. She retains her two attacks with Quick Trigger, but the second attack's Accuracy is cut in half. Also, if Super Speed is used, the first attack's Accuracy is cut in half, and the second attack is cut out altogether.

Apple Jack had a slight change made to her Bull Rush. Instead of ending movement, the Bull Rush will cost 3 movement points. Apple Jack may continue with her movement if she has any movement points left, but cannot Bull Rush again. This also means that if she doesn't have 3 movement points when she strikes an opponent, it has no affect.

This essentially gives Apple Jack the ability to make two attacks without being over powered.

Pinkie Pie is where things get exciting, but unfortunately we haven't finished it yet. I decided that since Pinkie Pie is a random character, she should have a totally random ability. I figured the chance to draw a card from the equipment or weapon decks with Pinkie Where Did You Get That? would suffice, but I got thinking she needed something more.

We've decided to make it a different ability called Pinkie, You're So Random. The player has the choice to roll a d6 at the beginning of his turn. However, he will rolling on a chart with a different outcome for each number on the die. So far, it looks like this:

1: ???.
2: ???

3: ???
4: ???
5: Move to any spawn point
6: Roll again. On a 1-3, collect a gadget. On a 4-6, collect a weapon.

Yeah, not very well developed. but I would like for there to be 2 good outcomes, 2 bad outcomes, with the last two being "nothing happens" outcomes.

If anyone has any thoughts on what we could do, I'd love to hear em.

Oh yeah, and I tweaked the Hop, Skip, and a Jump ability so that the range of Pinkie's jump is 5 spaces, as opposed to the 3 she gets for having a speed of 3.

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