Monday, December 19, 2011

Playtest Damage Report: 12/18/11

Met up with some friends in Tallahassee to play some FRAGing is Magic.

Here's the damage report.

The Ponies (listed in turn order) -
Joseph as Fluttershy
Taylor as Twilight Sparkle
Kelly as Apple Jack
Kyra as Rarity
Rachel as Pinkie Pie

Fluttershy - 5 Frags
Joseph caught on to the game very quickly and managed to turn Fluttershy into a killing machine. This had nothing to do with Fluttershy's abilities being over powered... Joseph just played his cards right to kick a lot of ass.

Joseph's comments:
Fluttershy turned out to be pretty well balanced. It was luck of the cards that earned her frags, not the power of her abilities. The STARE did help quite a bit, but only had about a 30% accuracy, just about average. There was only one chance to use the *Squee* ability (not typing that whole thing out) and I forgot to use it. Also, Fight or Flight didn't see any use either, mostly because I got addicted to attempting a stare-down. That and I had the Chainsaw!

Twilight Sparkle - 0 Frags
Poor Twilight. For some reason, despite the fact that she never did anything to anyone, the other ponies seemed to focus all their cards against her. She never had a chance to do anything other than teleport to safety, so how well her other abilities work has yet to be determined (but teleport was great for getting out of trouble!)

Joseph's comments:
Twilight spent the entire game trying to escape her jerk friends and failing. Her Teleport ability was used quite a few times, and did keep her out of trouble for a while, but the fact that there was a teleport on the map meant that she couldn't stay away from everyone forever. Didn't see any use of Focus or EXTREME Focus, sadly. She'll need another game to truly flesh out her abilities.

Apple Jack - 4 Frags
When we started the game, I was worried that Apple Jack's Apple Bucking skill would be a bit over powered... She scored two frags in two turns, and scored another frag on her next attack. A 100% kill rate for three attacks seemed a sure sign that it was too much. However, as the game continued, the frag rate pretty much died down, and Apple Jack didn't score another frag for some time.

I was using Apple Jack's Unencumbered ability to increase her speed to get to targets, so that left her at quite a disadvantage as she could only use melee attacks.

Joseph's comments:
Apple Jack did start off strong (especially after getting the Chainsaw) but tapered off a bit toward the end. Overall, her Unencumbered skill was quite useful, but not so much that she was always within Apple Bucking range of enemies. Once everybody decided to give her a wide berth, it took some decent maneuvering to get into solid attack range.

Rarity - 2 Frags
Rarity tended to stay out of trouble and didn't see much action, probably due to the fact that we didn't have a very useful set of abilities for her yet. However, there was a particularly hilarious moment where everyone had been fraged except for Rarity, who stood all alone on the board.

Fortunately, we did come up with some good ideas for Rarity! Huzzah!

Joseph's comments:
Rarity was pretty nerfed in this game. She did manage to score some kills, but she ended up fragged immediately after scoring because of her low health. Her armor didn't really help, either, since more often than not her opponents were rolling on four or more dice. I'd like to play her with the new abilities, though... She might be pretty beast.

Pinkie Pie - 1 Frag
Pinkie Sense saved Pinkie Pie many times. Apart from that, not much to report.
It should be noted that Rachel isn't used to these kinds of games and didn't know much about what to do.

Joseph's comments:
Pinkie Sense was used to full effect... Caused me to be the first frag of the game, too. Damn you, twitchatwitch! Also, Pinkie Where'd You Get That was extremely useful as well. Rachel was getting a pretty impressive arsenal together using it, but never really did much attacking. Overall, she seemed pretty well put together, though a string of really good Pinkie Sense rolls might cause the table to rage-quit.

Rainbow Dash - (N/A)
Having only 5 players, Rainbow Dash didn't get used until the end of the game when Kyra decided to switch out. However, we decided it to call it a night soon afterwards. Of course, in that limited run, she did almost pull off a Sonic Rainboom using Speed Boost... She rolled a 23.

Playtest images:
Pinkie Pie prepares to receive an Apple Bucking from Apple Jack

Fluttershy says "Come at me, filly!  I mean if.. that's ok with you..."

Dice fly as Fluttershy and Apple Jack face off against each other.
And everyone was dead, except for Rarity.
Twilight Sparkle plays it safe.

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